On behalf of Youth HQ and the Boys and Girls Club of Red Deer we would like to thank our 6,000 thrill seekers who visited the Zed Haunted House this year. The event raised just over $99,000 in support of the Boys and Girls Club of Red Deer. A special thanks to our many sponsors, who without their support this event simply would not happen. This 14-day annual event would also not be possible without the support of more than 120 volunteers contributing more than 8,000 hours of time to creating and presenting Red Deer’s Most Fatal attraction. 27 years and it keeps getting better and better thanks to the creativity of our planning committee. Public feedback was overwhelmingly positive this year. Thank you Red Deer for your continued support each and every year. 100% of proceeds raised go to support the efforts of the Boys and Girls Club in providing community based programs and services for children and youth throughout Red Deer and area. Keep a watch on Facebook for updates throughout the year as we plan for 2018.