Making an Impact

Alberta has one of the youngest populations across Canada, and the Red Deer area is no exception. Our communities are full of young minds and hearts that have big dreams and open futures. We invite you to become a part of those futures by making them a little bit brighter.

All funds donated to Youth HQ will be used to support one of our various programs, whether your donation goes towards training a volunteer, supporting a mentor relationship, or even providing snacks. It is our desire that no young person be turned away from a program due to social or financial barriers. We believe every youth deserves the opportunity to grow and develop in healthy environments, so we make every effort to reduce or eliminate barriers that would prevent participation.

No donation is too small; whatever the value, your contribution can make all the difference for a young life. On behalf of Red Deer & District, we’re grateful for your gifts and thank you for your support.

About Youth HQ

Across Canada, there are a minimum of 35,000 youth over the course of the year without a place to call home

Youth paired with a mentor are 45% less likely to use substances, are more active, and maintain healthier lifestyles

Close to 20% of youth in Canada are suffering from anxiety, depression, or another mental health issue

80% of youth in a mentorship program have higher literacy rates and are more likely to graduate and pursue higher education

Our Donors & Sponsorsmeet the people who stand behind Youth HQ