Volunteers are the lifeblood at Youth HQ. All our programs are dependent on people who want to make a difference in the lives of young people. Our volunteer opportunities are endless, and we value those individuals who willingly give so much of their time. Our credo is to build relationships that last a lifetime.

With so many volunteer opportunities in Youth HQ through Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Clubs and Camp Alexo, this is your place to volunteer. There is something for anyone willing to give their time. In 2016, 1,978 volunteer positions were filled resulting in 12,576 volunteer hours by 300+ volunteers. Our board of directors, comprised of volunteers, applies their expertise in policy development, fiscal management and strategic planning to ensure our sustainability.

Our volunteers are ambassadors in the community. They talk about our organizations with friends and colleagues and their demonstrated passion encourages others to volunteer. In addition, they connect us with local businesses and mine their networks for much-needed volunteers. Volunteers are a treasured asset: real gems in mentoring youth, driving the organization, and supporting our community events. We would not be where we are today without them.

Our volunteers are passionate about making a difference in the life of children and youth. One such individual who exemplifies this is Sue Barthel. She has been an outstanding volunteer with us for 20 years and epitomizes our mission statement – to empower children and youth to develop confidence and skills for life through knowledge, healthy relationships and quality experiences. She has been a Big Sister, In-School Mentor, and a mentor in the Youth Employment Program. She also volunteers as our receptionist a minimum two days each week and at our fundraising events. We can count on Sue to be there when we need her, and all she asks for in return is a smile and maybe some chocolate!

Sue became a Big Sister in October of 1998 and an In-School Mentor in 1999. Through these experiences, she has brought magic into the lives of eight young people. Her positive impact, strong resolution to help young people and personal integrity makes her someone we all want to be around. She is a priceless role model. Sue states about her mentoring experience, “Close friends are hard to come by, and although we are both adults now, we have a friendship that will last a lifetime. I have found peace in my life by volunteering for such a ‘cool’ position as a Big Sister.”

Youth HQ salutes all our volunteers during National Volunteer Week, and are honoured they make Youth HQ their place to volunteer.