Position: Big Brothers

Organization: Big Brothers Big Sisters

We’re looking for Big Brothers!

Big Brothers Big Sisters’ core value is to maintain the highest standards of practice in order to deliver safe, quality mentoring programs to children and youth. As a volunteer mentor, you share with your mentee, their parents/guardians, the Big Brother Big Sister Agency, and (in certain programs) partnering site-based staff, a commitment to fostering a safe, enjoyable, meaningful, and healthy mentoring relationship.

General Description

Volunteer Mentors will:

  • successfully complete each phase of the Agency’s enrollment process
  • participate in Pre-Match Training administered by the Agency
  • maintain regular dialogue with program staff and/or the partnering organization throughout the match
  • be a friend to their mentee, and maintain contact on a regular and consistent basis
  • be a positive role model, emphasizing behaviour such as trust, respect, reliability, honesty, fairness, commitment, resilience, kindness
  • place primary importance upon the protection and well-being of children and youth
  • be supervised and supported by, and remain accountable to, program staff

Qualifications and Requirements

Volunteer Mentors will:

  • have the ability to relate to young people and adults, and to adapt to change
  • be reliable, honest, trustworthy and fun to hang out with
  • be collaborative, patient and positive
  • function within the guidelines of the Agency
  • support the mission of the Agency

Roles and Responsibilities

  • be clear in communication with your mentee’s parents/guardians, particularly around contacts, timing, planned activities and issues of concern
  • maintain regular and open communication with your mentee, his/her parents/guardians, and the Agency
  • take initiative in planning your time with your mentee, yet include him/her in decision making
  • always let your mentee know when s/he can expect to see you next
  • allow the friendship to develop at its own pace
  • notify the Agency of any changes in your contact information, or any personal change that could impact the match
  • promptly report any concerns about the match to the Agency
  • set and respect boundaries along with your mentee, parents/guardians, and program or site-based staff
  • respect the privacy and diversity of your mentee and his/her family
  • commit to a positive, formal closing of the mentoring match
  • follow agency and child protection protocols as discussed in your training – your program staff are always able to guide and support you.

Please contact Big Brothers Big Sisters to get started or visit Youth HQ to pick up an application package.

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