Age 13 - Age 17
Jul 16, 2019 - Jul 25, 2019
1:00 pm

Youth choose two adventures from the following: Back Country Exploration, Cycling, Backpacking, Horseback Riding, Kayaking, Climbing, and Canoeing. These are filled on a first come, first serve basis. In these adventure programs, teens will have the opportunity to learn, lead, and develop an assortment of outdoor and adventure specific skills while in the heart of David Thompson country.

  • Where: Camp Alexo
  • Location: Nordegg
  • When: 1:00 pm
  • Summer Camp outdoor adventure program
  • Camp location is near Nordegg, AB
  • Choose two of the seven options
  • 10 day session in total
  • Pick Up/Drop off available in Red Deer, Innisfail, and Rocky Mountain House

Phoenix Adventure Camp is designed for teens looking to try new things, gain skills in outdoor pursuits, and build friendships that will last a lifetime. Each youth will get to choose (dependent on availability) two expeditions of interest, each lasting 4 days in length. Phoenix is a highly popular program so ensure you register early to guarantee your spot.

Cycling – Riders will be transported via bus to their start point on the beautiful HWY 93 in Banff National Park. The group will cycle between 25 and 60 km per day, cycling back down HWY 93 and HWY 11 until they return to their destination at Camp Alexo. While camping at stunning locations within Banff National Park and the Heart of David Thompson Country.

Horseback Riding – We travel down into the heart of the West Country to reach our Horse Camp. Located approximately 80 km south of Nordegg, our riders will truly experience nature at its finest. Learning to care for, saddle, and ride horses through breathtaking scenery. Youth will camp alongside the horse camp for three nights.

Canoeing – This is an introduction to river canoeing. It includes one day of lake instruction, a half day on a still section of the river, 1 night camping on the river, a safety orientation, river orientation, and other various educational pieces. Also, all participants will take part in safety drills on the lake where they will tip the canoe and learn skills to deal with a tipped canoe with leader assistance. Two certified Canoe Instructors will accompany the youth on the trip.

Back Country Exploration – This is a fun filled backwoods adventure that incorporates wilderness survival, fishing, rock climbing/repelling, trekking and nature discovery. Participants will learn the basics of how to survive in a backcountry setting while exploring the vast rocky mountain wilderness with an experienced and knowledgeable leader. This excursion focuses primarily on exposing teens to the beauty of the Canadian Rockies by taking a 3 day overnight trek west of Nordegg and a one day rock climbing challenge. This excursion is incredibly safe as all guides and instructors are highly trained professionals.

Backpacking – This is an introduction to backpacking. Participants will take part in hiking one large trail or two different smaller trails in the west country. Participants will learn about properly packing their pack, set-up and takedown of camps, “No Trace” Camping philosophy, and various other skills. Participants will need to be prepared for various weather conditions as it can be scorching hot to snowing even in the summer in this area.

Kayaking – Youth will participate in 4 days of kayaking. Day 1 will be spent learning all applicable skills on the lake. Days 2-4 are all spent applying those skills on the river. All participants will be given instructions on basic kayaking techniques and given an orientation on the first day. Please be prepared for all sorts of weather conditions.

NEW FOR 2019

Rock Climbing / Caving – This 4 day introduction to Rock Climbing is a great opportunity to explore the Rocky Mountains and David Thompson Country.  Participants should be willing to partake in Climbing and Caving excursions for the full 4 days.  The following is the tentative Itinerary for the climbing program;

Day 1 – Participants will go to Windy Point, which is an introductory climb site with a fairly easy climb.  This will help participants get to know the fundamental skills that go with climbing,

Day 2 – Participants will travel to Crescent Falls and do a rappel over the falls.

Day 3 – After camping alongside Abraham lake, participants will go climbing and rappelling at Cavalcade in Kootney plains. This is still an introductory climb, however a bit more challenging than Windy Point. The group will then travel to the Kaninaskis area and camp overnight.

Day 4 – The group will head to Canmore to participate in a 6 hour caving excursion (4.5 hours underground).  This also includes an underground rappel.   This excursion is not ideal for campers with fears of enclosed spaces.  The group will then return to Camp Alexo for our Phoenix wrap up.

PLEASE NOTE: Participants in this excursion should be ready for an intensive, 4 day rock-climbing/caving excursion.  You should be physically active before participating in this program.  If you have any concerns prior to registering, please contact the Camp Director at 403.342.6500 Ext. 142

Camp Cost $720

Register before January 31st and save $100.00 on each registration.

Winter Sale: $670

Register between February 1st and March 31st and save $50.00 on each registration. 

Early Bird Rate $620


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