How it works

If you or your child/youth are looking for a mentor, Big Brothers Big Sisters is your place. We offer a diverse range of mentoring opportunities. Youth can be mentored by couples and in one-on-one relationships. Our ultimate goal is to help your child/youth find the right mentor. By looking at your child/youth’s interests and personality we aim to find a mentor that will provide a well-rounded mentoring relationship. Big Brothers Big Sisters strives to build self-sufficient lifelong friendships.

Step 1: Sign Up

Start by letting us know you’re seeking a mentor for the young person(s) in your home. You can download the application below, or you can pick one up at Youth HQ. Fill it out and send it back!

Step 2: Learn About Each Other

We’d like to learn more about your “Little” and we’re sure you’ve got questions about the program. A meeting will be scheduled so we can go over the program, answer your questions, and you can teach us about your youth’s strengths and needs/wants. We will also provide pre-match training to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and prepared.

Step 3: Making a Match

Now that we’re all on the same page, we’ll work to carefully match your youth with the right mentor. You’ll be able to meet with a potential “Big”, the Program Coordinator and your youth so everyone can determine if it’s the right mentoring relationship. Once you, your youth, and our volunteers are satisfied, the mentoring relationship can commence! The Program Coordinator will provide the mentor and mentee with ongoing support and guidance to ensure this is a healthy and positive relationship for all participants.

Don’t worry if a match can’t be made right away, we provide monthly activities for all the “Littles” who are still waiting to find their “Big”.

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Download PDF Application

Download the application, print, and fill out with your child's information. Scan your documents and submit them back through this form, or drop them off at Youth HQ in person.