On Thursday, June  17 at 2:30 pm Youth HQ welcomed Central Alberta Pride, several LGBQT2S+youth from the BGC Qmunity Program, and allies in celebration of a more inclusive community in Red Deer.

Shelly Prince, program leader of the BGC Qmunity Program states “Youth HQ is proud to show our support of the LGBQT2S+ community with the raising of a flag acknowledging that support.  The Qmunity Program provides a welcoming, respectful, and safe space for students of diverse genders and sexual orientations (LGBTQ2S+) and their allies. Qmunity welcomes youth to meet up, do fun activities, socialize, and support one another in a way that is inclusive of diverse gender identities, gender expressions, sexual orientations, and many other interests! Qmunity is proud to be a safe space that respects diversity and fosters a sense of belonging. A special thanks to the Central Alberta Pride Society for donating the flag and pole so this special event could take place. Thank you Shannon from Central Alberta Pride society for helping us organize this event and guiding us through this monumental event. Thank you to Junktiques Home Decor for donating pride flags and swag for our youth and attendees. Thank you to my co-workers who worked hard to allow this event to take place. And finally, thank you to those who continue to support youth and help them grow and thrive so our future communities will thrive.”