Age 13 - Age 17
Dates TBD
Times TBD
Red Deer

David Thompson Ride for Youth
“Life is a highway… I wanna ride it”

  • Where: Alberta
  • Location: Red Deer
  • When: Times TBD

The David Thompson Ride for Youth is a 1000 km road-cycling trek for ages 13 and up.

If you have what it takes, contact us to sign up for a once in a lifetime opportunity. The David Thompson Ride began in 1991 and runs every second summer. It has received the Bell National Award of Excellence.

Learn more by watching this video:

Once we get 100% commitment from a long-rider, then program is broken down into three components

  • Pledging: Each longrider must pledge a specified amount to go on the trip.  All the excess funds (beyond the trip costs) raised all go towards supporting the BGC Clubs!
  • Road Training: The BGC Club has an in-depth road training program. It is crucial that each rider understands the rules of the road and is comfortable on their bike. The group will prepare for the trip by completing individual and group road-training.
  • The Ride Itself: The BGC Club believe life experience is the best of teachers. The cycling adventure begins 45 km east of Banff then we tour through the mountain parks making our way to Jasper. Then we make our way back to the David Thompson highway and finish in the adventure in Red Deer after 12 days of cycling.

Program Benefits:

The David Thompson Ride for Youth instils the importance of teamwork, positive life-choices, overcoming barriers, and goal setting. We have received positive feedback from this program of the last 20 years. Here is some feedback:

“I will remember this experience for the rest of my life. I am glad I did it”! (Brieann)

“The David Thompson Ride is challenging, refreshing and empowering to see the kids grow more confident and the group really came together”. (John, adult volunteer)

“I am just really blown away with all the work that goes into this program. The benefits for the youth are something that they will take throughout the rest of their lives”. (Darleen, adult long-rider)

“I loved it with all my heart and I’m very happy that I pushed myself past my limits to get the enjoyment that I got out of the trip. I wouldn’t have spent my summer any other way”. (Kaytlin, youth long-rider)



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