Orange Door Project Campaign to support Youth Shelter

Home Depot has announced once again that the annual Orange Door Campaign will once again benefit the 49th Street Youth Shelter.  Funds raised through this campaign will benefit the shelter by providing additional resources and facility enhancements.

“Fundraising has been a challenge in 2020 due to COVID-19. Now more than ever, the support from our corporate friends at Home Depot will have a significant impact on our ability to be able to respond to the needs of youth in crisis” states Rose Hatfield, Shelter Manager.

The campaign will run from December 1-20 at our local Home Depot.  Home Depot staff will be soliciting donations from customers at checkout in support of the Shelter. The Youth Shelter has remained open in support of youth and families throughout these challenging times.  “Youth need our support more than ever during these uncertain times. I applaud the dedicated staff team at the shelter for their efforts and commitment in ensuring youth continue to have a safe place to go when there is nowhere else to go.” states Rob Lewis, Executive Director, Youth HQ.

Thank you to our friends at Home Depot for sharing in our efforts to make a difference in support of youth and families in central Alberta.