YouthHQ and BGC Red Deer are pleased to announce a generous gift from the Home Depot Canada Foundation. Our local Red Deer Home Depot store efforts raised $10,194.28 with the Home Depot Canada Foundation contributing an additional $5,500.00 for a total gift of $15,694.28.

“The Home Depot Canada Foundation is proud of our associates for their hard work and dedication throughout the campaign and how all our stores embraced the last-minute extension of the campaign despite everything going on.  We also wanted to recognize how difficult the back half of the year has been with Covid-19 and as a result, The Home Depot Canada Foundation has increased their commitment by giving their partner a $2K grant but we have increased that grant to $5,500 per store for a total investment of $1,001,000!” states Devon Montemurro, Community Investment Specialist, Home Depot Canada Foundation.