The Home Depot Foundation Orange Door Project’s mission is to support initiatives that prevent and end youth homelessness across Canada. The campaign has been in full swing since July 6th and will conclude on August 1st.

The 49th Street Youth Shelter is a benefactor of this campaign. Funds raised enable the Shelter to continue to respond to the needs of homeless youth in Red Deer and area.

How the Shelter has impacted my life:  A Youth Perspective

“The 49th Street Youth Shelter has impacted my life greatly.  It has been easier since the shelter was renovated because before that happened I had to be on my crutches all the time due to cerebral palsy.  It was easy at first because they had to adapt the chores, they also had to help me with some things because of my disability.   It allowed me and anybody else with a disability to come to the shelter and to make it easy as possible.  The staff has impacted my life greatly, they always have welcomed me but also the friendships I have made with other youth over the times I have been here.  Best of all is the support, understanding, and helping me to figure out how I could break the cycle of not getting along with women, mainly my mother. The hardest part will be working to build a stable positive, relationship with my mother and women in general.  With the help of the staff and the supports, it will keep me on track with how you treat women overall.  The staff at the shelter are awesome and great at their jobs.  They make everybody feel very comfortable.  The youth of Red Deer are very lucky to have awesome people to run the Youth Shelter. ”

Please help our local Home Depot in reaching their goal.

Provide a youth in the 49th Street Youth Shelter with food for one week=$50

Provide a youth in the 49th Street Youth Shelter with personal hygiene supplies=$20

Provide 40 city transit tickets for youth at the 49th Street Youth Shelter=$100