There is always lots to see and do in Red Deer and area and the Hotels Red Deer Gnomes want you to discover and share them all! Join us this summer to play one of their favourite games “Hide n Seek” and experience “our Red Deer”.
The little gnomes have hidden all around our beautiful City & County business areas waiting for you to seek them out. The game is simple; however the gnomes have laid out some rules for us to follow so be sure to take note so you don’t miss out on any of the fun or rewards! Link up with us on our social media feeds held under Hotels Red Deer and/or our game hashtag “#RDSummerofGnomes” so you can get hints and images on their hiding spots. We hope that while you are here, you will look for our gnomes. They may be in businesses, parks, hotels, really anywhere. If you find one, take it along on your Red Deer experience and before you depart, hide them in a new spot for someone else to find. Before you leave, we must advise that our gnomes never like to be alone for too long so you need to take a pic of them in their new spot, leave a subtle hint to their location and include the game hashtag (#RDSummerofGnomes), Post the picture with the game hashtag your preferred social media platform which allows them to meet a new friend soon. By ensuring you follow these rules and posting on your preferred social media platform you will be entered in to win one of 3 e’gnome’ous prizes. Plus, for every post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram we will be donating $0.25 to support and assist the Youth HQ Campership Program.
Hotels Red Deer has promised our friends at Youth HQ that they will take good care of them while we played our game. Gnomes love our youth, and they love Red Deer, so come and experience some “gnome’ous” fun in Red Deer this summer!!

Visit http://hotelsreddeer.ca/gnome-hide-n-seek/ for more information and prize details.

Thank you to our friends at Hotels Red Deer!

Play Sign[53070]

Play ‘Gnome Hide ‘N Seek Today!
Gnomes are we three who bring fun & good luck
So much to enjoy we are dumbstruck!
Please take us with you so we can see
All the sights in Red Deer and the County!
Snap our photo before you go
Share it with the all the folks we know
At #RDSummerofGnomes
Sending kids to camp the more we roam
For more information, see below!
@hotelsreddeer.ca @youthhq.ca