Sep 2, 2017
10:00 am
All Ages
Red Deer

AMPED2PLAY, The City of Red Deer, Youth HQ, and Kerry Wood Nature Centre are working together to introduce Adventure Playgrounds that will create opportunities for people of all ages and abilities the chance to play, explore and engage creatively.

  • Location: Red Deer

Adventure Play builds resilience, independence, teamwork and discovery, in a playful environment. We know that Adventure Play reveals people’s curiosity, encouraging the development and learning of critical thinking, communication, problem solving through self-guiding play.

Our goal is to create a unique play space for families, children, youth, and adults of all ages and abilities to invent, construct, build, discover, explore and engage in play with materials typically seen as recyclable, or unusable. Our Volunteer Play Builders will be available to assist with the use of basic tools and construction, our goal is to pose questions that help people to come to their own solutions….we are not the solutions themselves.

“Arthur Battram (2000) [said] that it is through play that we become human. Play informs our adult worlds. Not that we are thinking of this when we play as children, of course. As adults, however, we should be aware that real playing is almost the most important thing that our children can do (Wilson, P., 2010, p.5).

Remember the first thing you built? Created on your own? or with a friend or family member, remember when it didn’t matter that the nail was straight…only that it made 2 pieces of wood hold together? Or when you built a fort and you were able to go inside or invite a friend? Can you recall when a stick or broom handle could be one of a hundred animals, a sword, or a magic wand…

Adventure Play has the ability to bring that creative, unrestricted, unscripted feeling and experience together, within generations, in groups, in quiet contemplation and planning….we want very much to share that with Central Albertans.

In order to do this we need materials! Our medium is recycled materials… using all recycled waste for our play area. If you are able to supply any such materials we will be happy to hear from you, and happy to list your organization as a supporter of materials for Creative Adventure Play Red Deer September 2, 2017.

The event September 2 is FREE to the public, it will start at 10 AM and continue until clean up at 4PM at Rotary Park in Red Deer. Please feel free to join us for a little or a lot of time….

Thank you for your support and time which we very much need and appreciate to succeed.


Buckets and Barrels

Wood Pallets


Rope and String

PVC Pipe


Large Tubing

Wood Dowling


Wood Scrap (no nails)


The possibilities are only limited by your imagination…

Please contact me personally for any discussions, further information, visits to browse through your waste or collection of equipment or questions you may have:

Theresa Wyatt, Playworker,


Cell: 403 741 8812

Email: [email protected]


Brandi Heather, Managing Partner


Cell: 403-391- 1367

Email: [email protected]





Need more information about this event? We'd love to hear from you. Send us a message using our online form, email us directly, or give us a call.

Phone: 403-342-6500