Position: Camp Facility Coordinator - Camp Alexo

Organization: Camp Alexo


Facility Maintenance

▪ Ensures the Camp Alexo facility and related equipment are in good repair at all times.

▪ Ensures the camp is ready for the beginning of the summer camp and is winterized for the fall/winter months.

▪ Ensures all Camp Alexo tools and power equipment are maintained and functioning safely and properly.

▪ Removes and appropriately disposes of garbage, recyclables, bottle returns, and sewage disposal, either directly or through coordination with external contractors.

▪ Maintains fully stocked and adequate inventory of environmentally friendly (where possible) cleaning supplies for all facilities.

▪ Ensures that Camp Alexo abides by all Alberta Health, Alberta Camping Association (ACA), municipal, provincial, and federal regulations.

▪ Performs overall general maintenance of all buildings as prescribed by the Camp Alexo Maintenance Schedule.

▪ Upkeeps and improves general property including cutting/clearing of deadfall, cutting and stacking of firewood, garbage disposal, building repairs, painting, and landscaping.

▪ Develops and establishes safety and security protocols in consultation with the Executive Director, Management Team, or Designate.

▪ Sets up and takes down tipis.

▪ Maintains and conducts annual inspection of fire and safety equipment.

▪ Ensures all roads, trails, and parking areas are accessible and maintained. This includes snow removal.

▪ Ensures adequate fuel supply (gas and propane) and coordinates with supplier when needed.

▪ Conducts water and well system testing throughout the year though an approved provincial water testing facility (Alberta Health Services).

▪ Ensures all program areas requiring maintenance are completed in a timely fashion in consultation with the Facilities Manager, Summer Camp Director, Management Team, or Designate.

▪ Ensures security of site and facilities when no user groups are present.

▪ Hires trades people as required (e.g., electrical, plumbing, septic tank, etc.). If work is estimated to exceed financial authority or is not approved within the budget, Facilities Manager approval is required.

▪ Assists with picking up supplies for the Summer Camp when required and completes other tasks during Summer Camp as requested by the Summer Camp Director and/or Facilities Manager.

▪ Ensures Alberta Fish and Wildlife (local authority) are notified of any predatory wildlife within camp boundaries.

▪ Ensures Camp Alexo is operated with the least impact on the environment.

▪ Organizes work projects, and, with the support of the Volunteer Resources Coordinator, recruits and supports volunteers and skilled people when necessary and where appropriate.

▪ Is familiar with and able to respond to emergency procedures (sour gas leak, missing child, wildlife threat, severe weather, etc.) including communicating and coordinating with support services.


▪ Ensures all Camp Alexo vehicles, (quad, camp truck, lawn mower, etc.), are maintained in safe working order and are compliant with current applicable Provincial requirements.

▪ Monitors and supervises vehicle usage by program staff.

▪ Ensures fuel logs are maintained and fuel tanks are secure.

Rental Groups

▪ Ensures Camp Alexo facilities are cleaned and prepared for user groups prior to their arrival.

▪ Orients groups to the site upon arrival (i.e., reviews rules and regulations for safety, health, and sanitation standards).

▪ Checks out rental groups and upon departure, ensuring cleanliness has been maintained and no unforeseen damage has occurred as a direct result of the group. Some follow-up clean-up will be required to ensure standards are met. When group clean-ups are inadequate, inform administration if additional charges are required.


▪ Ensures that the buildings are clean and sanitized.

▪ Provides clean-up support and direction to other employees.

▪ Ensures kitchen laundry is done after user groups.

Community Relations

▪ Ensures good relationships are developed and maintained with the various Camp Alexo suppliers, stakeholders, volunteers, and contractors.

▪ Communicates with the Clearwater County and representatives of the provincial government effectively, thoroughly, and in a timely manner.

▪ Is the lead person (Designated Alexo Natural Area Steward) and is responsible for communicating with Alberta Public Lands when required, completing annual reports as required.


▪ Reports directly to the Facilities Manager.

▪ Works directly with the Summer Camp Director during the summer months

▪ Communicates regularly with Facilities Manager with respect to program matters in the non- summer months.

Additional Responsibilities

▪ Is familiar with offsite resources (e.g., out trip sites, trails, and points of interest).

▪ Obtains daily weather reports from Environment Canada and/or Nordegg Ranger Station.

▪ Ensures budgets are adhered to with regard to Camp Alexo facility supplies, repairs, and maintenance.

▪ Submits monthly and annual reports to, and is in contact as required with, the Facilities Manager.

▪ Submits annual capital request for consideration in the subsequent fiscal period.

▪ Fosters an ongoing sense of team as s/he relates to other Youth HQ staff.

▪ Supports Youth HQ Camp Program staff as requested by the Summer Camp Director.

▪ Supports other user groups as required and appropriate.

▪ Supports Youth HQ in fundraising and special events, as requested and appropriate.

▪ Keeps up to date regarding information relating to Camp programs and Youth HQ.

▪ Plays an active role in program development and marketing. Informs staff of program opportunities and needs and looks for ways to connect customers with relevant programs and/or volunteer roles.

▪ Completes work in a timely fashion.

▪ Is on-call at all times when Camp Alexo is operating.

▪ Lives at Camp Alexo as required to fulfill the duties outlined in this Position Description.

▪ Additional responsibilities and duties as assigned.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $44,671.03-$51,712.30 per year


  • Dental care
  • Disability insurance
  • Extended health care
  • Life insurance
  • On-site parking
  • RRSP match


  • Secondary School (preferred)

Ability to Commute:

  • Nordegg, AB (preferred)

Ability to Relocate:

  • Nordegg, AB: Relocate before starting work (required)

Work Location: In person

Expected start date: 2023-11-01

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