Position: Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Organization: Youth HQ

Youth HQ is your place to create, understand the power of team, impact lives, and be yourself.

Maybe you’ll find something good and make it great or have a chance to take on something new that you’ve always wanted to try. With all that you have to offer, you’ll find a place to make a difference at Youth HQ as our…


Bottom line, we want Youth HQ to have a profound impact on both youth and our community achieving their maximum potential. We want to take our new identity further than we imagined. We will achieve these by engaging our community through magnificent marketing, compelling communications and focused fund development.

Go beyond product, price, place and promotion and think about:
• Programs and services that excite youth giving them hope and optimism
• Making connections that inspire people to give their time, treasures and talents
• Enhancing our impact within Red Deer and across Central Alberta
• Sharing our stories (because that’s what we’re about), celebrating relationships…creating better futures

Dig deep and find out more about Youth HQ and all that we are. Prove to us that you:
• Think strategically but can also deliver
• Know that we are nonprofit and see that as an advantage, not a limitation
• Are a leader and a team player who can also achieve on your own
• Can be an explorer and discoverer of new opportunities so we are responsive to the needs of youth and our community
• Are both a master and jack of all trades; superhero qualities (DC or Marvel) are desirable but not essential
• Can deliver current and best practices in your field
• Understand that friend-raising and fund-raising go hand in hand to help pay the bills and that you will play an important role in both of these
• Have earned the confidence, trust and support of others who will vouch that you are up for the job
• Always give it that little extra!

In doing so, you will have the opportunity to join an inspiring team who make a genuine difference, one kid at a time.

Now for the fine print (even though it’s actually the same size): Candidates having the right blend of post-secondary education in a related field, 3 to 5 years direct experience, strong skills in the field or the right combination of all three, should definitely consider this position. This one of a kind opportunity remains open until the right person comes along, however candidates applying by May 12, 2018 will be given careful consideration.

Share and demonstrate your abilities for this role with:
• Jacquie Boyd, Executive Director / [email protected]